Elk In the Forest Trivet


Our tempered glass Trivets are created perfectly to set your hot serving dish or pan on to protect your table. Stylish and functional, the McGowan Tuftop Trivet is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. All of our Trivets and cutting boards are made with highly tempered glass that will look like new for years without scratches, chips, cracks, or cut marks.

*Wood stand is available and sold separately*

This Trivet is available in multiple sizes and you can choose the one that works best for your kitchen. It has a textured surface on one side and smooth surface on the back side. You can use this trivet for hot casseroles, pots, and pans. All Tuftop products by McGowan have a cut-proof surface, preventing bacteria, stains & bad odors, and are perfect for heat. They are also perfect for use as décor in your home or cabin.